"For this unusual project a unusual high quality product 
was necessary, a high quality roofing membrane."


Administration center Norddeutsche Landesbank

Administration center Norddeutsche Landesbank, Hannover:

Its transparent characteristics of the new NORD/LB-HQ reflect a filigrane steel construction and a glass facade of 40.000m².

The facade is automatically the climate control and well as sound proofing. Through this method a climate control was not necessary in most of the building. The highlight from the architect is the top out of glas which is art work nut nevertheless reflects the ecological concept of the building reducing const and CO² emmision.

This building is more than just a "usual" office.

Technical details


Object: Administration center Nord/LB Hannover
Project: Nord/LB Hannover
Design: Behnisch, Behnisch & Partner, Stuttgart
Constructor: Günter Horn & Co. GmbH, Kelkheim/Taunus
Products: Wolfin GWSK roof and waterproofing membrane, 2,3 mm
WOLFIN GWSK roof and waterproofing membrane, 2,8 mm
Producer: Wolfin Bautechnik, Wächtersbach
Waterproofing that works