„The refurbishment "operation" went acc. to plan
 than the right choice of materials whilst planning.“


University clinic Münster

University clinic Münster

As the flat roof of the uni clinic in Münster showed that it did not fulfill its needs, there was need for a quick reaction and solution.

The refurbishment of the 20.000m², 35 year old roof was not a "routine operation" but a secure solution. There were two bitumen layers over the raw concrete construction of the hospital, a layer pf extruded polystyrene (XPS) was used as a insulation layer. This was completeley removed and whilst chosing the new materials for the waterproofing, a high quality solution was necessary. Wolfin GWSK roof and waterproofing membrane was the only solution.


University clinic Münster

Roofer Bernhard Friedrichs,Manager Dieter Friedrichs Dach und Wand GmbH: Is happy with the result from the "operation" flat roof refurbishment.

Wolfin-Object consultant Jörg Siepert: The planed "operetion" roof refurbishment went acc. to plan, thank the right marerials such as Wolfin M.

Technical details


Object: Refurbshment of the university clinic in Münster
Project: ca. 20.000 m2 flat roof refurbishment
Constructor: Bau- und Liegenschaftsbetrieb (BLB) NRW Münster: Marion
Lakebrink, Gabriela Schlienkamp-Theil, Klaus Giesenkirchen
Develoment: Dieter Friedrichs Dach und Wand GmbH, Steinfurt
Products: Wolfin GW SK DA 2,3 mm
WOLFIN Flex, liquid
Producer: Wolfin Bautechnik, Wächtersbach
Waterproofing that works