"WOLFIN’s roof and waterproofing membrane
 insures the highest standards."


The inHaus 2

For the Fraunhofer inHaus2 the best was only good enough

Todays modern research for tomorrows buildings – It all started with Haus 2 in Duisburg. Under the sharp eyes of the Fraunhofer-Institutes for microelectronic switches and systems in Duisburg and the Fraunhofer-Institutes for construction physics in Stuttgart and Holzkirchen, important companies and suppliers gave their know-how, and their best of knowledge. To protect the whole project from various weather conditions, a research partner Wolfin used their premium solution for the waterproofing, they used their synthetic roof and waterproofing membrane Wolfin.


The inHaus 2

Univ.-Prof. Dr.-Ing. Klaus leader of the Fraunhofer-Institut for contruction physics: "Even a traditional job such as being a roofer needs materials from the future. 'Hardware as good as Wolfin and the right software too.' In order to use these properly we need to know everything about it, and practical methods to test materials give us the best results."

Hans-Joachim Lulley - roofer: "With have had positive results with Wolfin in the past, just like with inHaus 2. The materials are easy to use and give you a secure feeling." 

Dipl.-Ing. Gerd Brechmann, HOCHTIEF: "For us the inHaus 2 is a special reference project. All materials are tested according to their highest demands, even on the roof. With Wolfin we are on the secure side."

Technical details


Objekc: inHaus2, Duisburg
Project: 2.500 m² roof waterproofing
Constructor: Cooperation inHaus2, Duisburg
Planer: Fraunhofer-Institut IMS, Duisburg/Fraunhofer-Institute IBP,
Stuttgart, Holzkirchen/HOCHTIEF Consult, Essen-Frankfurt
Leading constructor: HOCHTIEF Construction AG, NRW
Development: Richards Söhne GmbH, Mülheim an der Ruhr
Products: Synthetic-roof- + -waterproofing membrane Wolfin GWSK 2,3 mm
Synthetic-roof- + -waterproofing membrane Wolfin M 1,5 mm
Synthetic-roof- + -waterproofing membrane Wolfin IB 1,5 mm
Formparts, Stainless steel system accesories, PVC-Contact adhesive
Teroson AD 914 für joint adhesion
Producer: Wolfin Bautechnik, Wächtersbach
Waterproofing that works