"Cosmofin FG is specially developed for 
large areas and cheaper projects."

The beginning of quality

Best product characteristics

Cosmofin FG is part of the product programe at Wolfin Bautechnik for larger and cheaper new constuctions. Cosmofin FG is produced through a high quality extrusion process and is flexible in cold temperatures as well as being ozone and UV-stable. Furhtermore, the polyester mesh does not need to be sealed with joint sealant, as it is not capillary active.

Cosmofin FG also offers an efficient storage solution for users and whole, due to the fact that only 1 membrane is necessary for roofing and waterproofing.

For roof and construction waterproofing

Approvals and classifications

Cosmofin FG is approved and classified acc. to:

DIN EN 13956 CE-roof waterproofing
DIN EN 13967 CE-construction waterproofing
DIN V 20000-201 (roof waterproofing)
DIN V 20000-202 (construction waterproofing)
DIN 18531 (roof waterproofing)
DIN 18195 (Bauwerksabdichtungen)
DIN 4102-1 (B2)
DIN EN 13 501-1 (Klasse E)
DIN 4102-7 (Harte Bedachung)
DIN EN 13501-5 BROOF (t1)

Cosmofin FG

Ways to install

Loose, ballasted

Mechanically fixed

For security in your system


The Cosmofin product range is topped up by ready formed parts (corners, lightning rods, etc.) from the same material offering you a quick, easy and secure solution.

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Downloads Cosmofin FG

Cosmofin FG

Here you can download the Cosmofin FG brochure.

Cosmofin FG

Here you can download the technical data sheet of Cosmofin FG.

Waterproofing that works