"Wolfin M - The reinforced synthetic membrane 
for mechanical fixings in flat roofing."


St. Matthäus Church

All good things come from above

It is true taht all hood things come from above. Eventhough rain is good for our crops, the water, on the other hand damages our buildings. Originally, this curved roof was sealed with copper. A very noble and beautiul material, that only had two weaknesses: Firstly you could not get it 100% tightly seal and secondly the neccessary repairs could not be undertaken due to the missing revenues over time from the Church.

Architect Theiltges, Sell & Partner found the best solution with Wolfin M synthetic roof and waterproofing membrane, offering the community a secure and long term solution and turns the church into Noah's Arch in torrential rainfalls.


Opinions St. Matthäus Church

Erwin Neureither, manager and owner JNS Dachtechnik GmbH: „We have high standards. Als a premium roofer we want to offer our clients premeum reference projects. This can only hapen if we use premium products such as Wolfin M, their quality assures us that we habe a secure and good future ahead of us." 

Roofer Gerd Jurca, JNS Dachtechnik GmbH: „In the past decades, I have not had the oppertunity to work on such a roof. It is a very interesting roof were not only a lot of planing and time was invested, but passion too."

Stefan Schönemann, Wolfin-Consultant: „The advantages of the synthetic roof and waterproofing membrane can be felt from the roofers. The main advantage is the security that the refurbished object, will not need another refurbishment after Wolfin M in the near future." 

Technical details


Object: St. Matthäus, München
Project: 1.500 m² roof refurbshment
Constructor: Ev. Luth. Kirchengemeindeamt – Bauabteilung
Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Stefan Neukamm, München
Architect: Arch. Gustav Gsaenger, München (Erbauung 1953-56)
Peck + Daam Architekten, München (Sanierung 2006)
Leading constructor: Thieltges, Sell + Partner Projektsteuerung - Baumanagement,
Development: JNS Dachtechnik GmbH, Feldkirchen-Westham
Products: Wolfin M Ksynthetic roof and waterproofing membrane, 1,5 mm, grey
WOLFIN-formed parts &
WOLFIN-stainless steel composite sheets
Producer: Wolfin Bautechnik, Wächtersbach
Waterproofing that works