"Compared to bitumen membranes, Wolfin membranes
offer the highest amount of security during the handling."

Increased fire protection through Wolfin

Comparison of synthetic and bitumen membranes

Secure welding of synthetic membranes with hot air

Fire protection in flat roofing constructions is achieved by choosing the right materials and the correct usage of those materials. All elements of the roof construction must be considered including the insulation and waterproofing membrane. In comparison to bitumen membranes, the modern Wolfin synthetic membranes offer the highest amount of protection.

Through the installation of Wolfin single ply membranes the fire risk is reduced, due to no open flame being used. Multiple layer bitumen membranes increase the fire risk 10-times in comparison to syntheric membranes.

Longterm fire protection

Wolfin fire protection: Secure and longterm

Wolfin roof and waterproofing membranes are generally produced without any additional fire protection but pass all regulations without problems. Unlike other single ply membranes made from EVA/PVC, EPDM or FPO which need a chemical treatment in order to fulfill these regulations.

Experts keep discussing the fact, that these treatments degrade with time. Futher questions that need to be answered such as, how does the membrane react to fire after years of weathering?

Wolfin-membranes, without chemical treatment, offer a high and long term fire protection throughout their life.

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