"A Wolfin refurbishment will completely dry out a
wet roof within just a couple of years."

Moisture in the insulation

No reason to dismantle immediately.

University medical center Münster

Moisture trapped in the insulation – this is not unusual in the dew period (winter) and is usually harmless. DIN 4108, part 3, looks at the topic of ”Condensate formation inside structural components“: The formation of condensation within the roof construction is harmless if the thermal insulation and structural stability of the components are not endangered by increasing the humidity content of the construction materials and insulation materials. This is the case as provided for by DIN 4108-03 if the following conditions are fulfilled:

a) It must be possible during the evaporation period to release to the environment the water that occurs within the roof construction during the dew period.

b) The building materials that come into contact with the condensate must not be damaged (e.g. by corrosion or fungal decay).

c) A total area-related condensate mass of 1.0 kg/m2 must not be exceeded for the water-absorbable layers of roof and wall constructions.

If, however, larger amounts of water have accumulated in the roof layers because the old waterproofing is leaking, then we would recommend the refurbishment of the roof with Wolfin to restore a tight and well-functioning layered structure.

Vapor diffusion

Wolfin dries damp roof layers.

Thanks to the unique composition of the black Wolfin membrane , a high vapour pressure develops rapidly due to solar radiation (max 70° C), which in turn dries out the entrapped moisture. The Fraunhofer Institute as well as the Technical University in Munich have carried out successful scientific testing on this process.

The result of these investigations shows: wet roof layers dry out completely after a refurbishment with Wolfin within just a couple of years.

Proven for 50 years

The best alternative to complete dismantling

Wolfin GWSK DA: Combination of self adhesion and channels to optimise the vapour pressure equalisation

Restoration with Wolfin roof and waterproofing membranes has been proven for over 50 years. The existing roof build up is retained and if necessary, additional insulation is applied and the entire structure is then resealed with a Wolfin membrane.

The use of these products leads to a drying out of the refurbished roof within just a couple of years. This is due to the unique composition of the membrane, its high vapor permeability and its black color. This causes the existing roof construction to heat up due to exposure to the sun. This produces approximately a three-fold higher amount of dehydration compared with light colored membranes in the same time period.

Building physicists confirm the accuracy of this method. For example, the Building Authority Hamburg published (several years ago) a brochure which emphasizes restoring the damp insulation instead of a total dismantlement.
The costs for a roof restoration will be much lower using Wolfin because the extensive dismantling and expensive disposal of waste can be avoided. This in turn is also better for the environment.

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