"Inofin FR - The FPO-Membrane with the highest security
offers you a wide range of advantages."

Flexible Polyolefin

The standard for high quality

Inofin FR is made from flexible polyolefin (FPO), a special recipe of ethane-butyl-acrylate. This new Wolfin-developed membrane does not contain rubber and, compared to normal FPO-membranes on a polypropene basis, there is much less fire risk which is even more reduced by further fire prevention additives.

Fire resistant

For the highest standard of fire protection

FR = Fire resistant. With the FR in the name of the Inofin membrane we want to emphasize the fire resistance of this product.

On EPS-insullation or even mineral-wool-insullation, all the needs acc. to BROOF (t1)  are fulfilled.  

No need to clean the joints

Flexible and user friendly

Inofin FR is a specially flexible and user friendly material. Cleaning of the joint-seams before welding is not necessary. This advantage saves you time in the laying process. A further advantage is the high welding period, this offers you the chance to work at your own pace. An extreme change in the welding temperature will also not directly lead to a fault in the welding/seam.   

Joint adhesion

Inofin FR contact adhesive

For joint adhesion on fixed elements, we developed a special Inofin FR contact adhesive. It is a solvent based, ready to use adhesive on a basis of synthetic-rubber.

The INFOIN contact adhesive completes our Inofin FR waterproofing range and offers you the highest security.

Roof waterproofing

Approvals and classifications

Inofin FR is approved and classified acc. to:

DIN EN 13956 CE-roof waterproofing
DIN V 20000-201 (roof waterproofing)
DIN 18531 (roof waterproofing)
DIN EN 13 501-1 (class E)
DIN 4102-7 (Harte Bedachung)
DIN EN 13501-5 BROOF (t1)

Inofin FR

Ways to install

Mechanically fixed layup 

Loose, ballasted

For security in your system


The Inofin product range is topped up by ready formed parts (corners, lighning rods, etc.) from the same material offering you a quick, easy and secure solution.

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Downloads Inofin FR

Inofin Contact Adhesive

Here you can download the safety data sheet of Inofin Contact Adhesive.

Inofin FR welding advice

Here you can download the welding advice of Inofin FR.

Inofin FR

Here you can download the technical information of Inofin FR.

Inofin FR 1,8 mm

Here you can download the declaration of performance for Inofin FR 1,8 mm.

Inofin FR 1,5 mm

Here you can download the declaration of performance for Inofin FR 1,5 mm.

Inofin FR 2,0 mm

Here you can download the declaration of performance for Inofin FR 2,0 mm.


Here you can download the Inofin brochure.

Inofin FR

Here you can download the Inofin FR Installation Guidelines brochure.

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