"Kitchen waterproofing with Wolfin IB, Wolfin M and
Wolfin GWSK are normative secured."

Special needs of kitchen waterproofing

Fats Lactic acids etc.

When a chemical or bio-chemical reaction (micro-organisms) from fats occurs, lactic acids are produced. These do not only affect the concrete but the steel reinforcment as well. To guarantee that the load-bearing strength is maintaned we would recommended the installation of a waterproofing barrier.

After bio-chemical reactions, fats turn into aggressive lactic acids on the floor

High durability

Chemical resistance

Wolfin-Membranes have been tested against medium lactic acids (up to 85%) and offer through their special, high quality formulation, top protection against chemical compounds (e.g. cleaning products and disinfectants).

Due to the high mechanical and chemical strains, the kitchen waterproofing needs to me carefully planned and developed. With the wide range of products available from Wolfin, including inner and outer corners as well as composite sheet metal, it is possible to make homogenous joints and high quality detailing through out the whole kitchen.

With our centuries of experiance with waterproofing, Wolfin Bautechnik has the know-how to offer the ideal solution in every situation. We would welcome an oppertunity to assist you with your project specific designs and with the production of bespoke technical specifications in order to guarantee a longterm waterproof solution.

Professional kitchen waterproofing with Wolfin.

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