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WOLFIN Bautechnik have been developing professional
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M120 Montageschaum

Sista M534

Moisture hardening 1K-PU-Foam with a safety cap.

Area of usage
  • For fulfilling gaps, holes and areas between pipes and walls.
  • To fix windows or gaps between window frames and walls.
  • As a insulation on gaps between window frames and walls.
P819 Haftreiniger

P819 Haftreiniger

improves the adhesion of silicon sealants on non-porous surfaces like metals and plastics

Area of usage
  • For base prepartation and improvement of adhesion of sealants on non-porous surfaces
  • Application e.g. on metals or pastics

Here you can download the safety data sheet of Teroson P819.

Sista F130 Premium Acryl

Sista F130 Premium Acryl

Sealant for joints between frames and walls

Area of usage
  • For joints inside the household such as: wall and window/door joints
  • For sealing smaller holes in walls such as: nail holes, wall joints, etc.
Waterproofing that works