Wolfin Product Overview

Wolfin synthetic roofing and waterproofing membranes are unique with their innovative composition and characteristics. Our membranes offer planners, architects, constructors and technicians various possibilities for professional waterproofing of roofs and buildings. 


Wolfin membranes have been used for more than 50 years on all continents, for roof refurbishment as well as for new-construction...

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BMI EverGuard

A global leader, now also in Germany. EverGuard TPO/FPO – system waterproofing with BMI quality...

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System Accesories

A perfect waterproofing of flat roofs or buildings needs perfecly adjusted... 

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The innovative membrane system Witec allows us to offer nearly a whole package of roofing layers...

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The long-term experience of Wolfin Bautechnik and the positive characteristics of Tectofin...

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Cosmofin FG is a high-quality thermoplastic, synthetic roofing and waterproofing membrane...  

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Besides technical care, the quality of applied products is a main factor...

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Teroson offers a wide range of products for roofing professionals: High quality sealants, adhesives...

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