„Tectofin RV plus convinces at any application type“

Optimized fire behaviour

Tectofin RV plus – direct installation on EPS (DAA dh)

Tectofin RV plus membranes are characterised by a high temperature and weather resistance. They are ozone and UV resistant and produced without the addition of flame retardants. 

Due to the central glass fleece, the fire load of the Tectofin RV plus is very low and it is possible to install it directly on a high-quality polystyrene insulation layer (DAA dh).


For waterproofing of roofs and buildings

Approvals and classifications

Tectofin RV plus is approved and classified according to: 

EN 13956 CE-Waterproofing of roofs
EN 13967 CE-Waterproofing of buildings
DIN V 20000-201 (Waterproofing of roofs)
DIN V 20000-202 (Waterproofing of buildings)
DIN 18531 (Waterproofing of roofs)
DIN 18195 (Waterproofing of buildings)
EN 13501-1 (Classe E)
DIN 4102-1 (B2)
EN ENV 1184 / EN 13501-5 ( BROOF(t1))
DIN 4102-7 (External fire)

A membrane for all purposes

Methods of application Tectofin RV plus

Mechanically fixed application


Loose laid, under ballast 

Bonded layer build-up (fully or strip bonded) 

The central glass fleece inlay of the Tectofin RV plus increases the dimensional stability and improves the mechanical characteristics like reduced thermal tensions. Therefore, Tectofin RV plus is suitable for all three methods of application - loose laid under ballast, mechanically fixed and bonded. As a consequence, Tectofin RV plus is the perfect solution especially for roofs with a combination of several application methods.

Especially for fleece-backed roofing membranes

Bonded application with TK 400

Adhesive for roofing membranes Teroson EF TK 400 was specifically developed for bonding fleece-backed roofing membranes. The foam adhesive can be used without preliminary works even at substrate temperatures down to - 5°C.

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System accessories

Tectofin System accessory

The product range of Tectofin is completed by ready formed parts (corners, lightning rods, etc.) from the same material offering you a quick, easy and secure solution.

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Downloads Tectofin RV plus

Tectofin RV-plus

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Tectofin RV plus 2,5

Hier können Sie die Leistungserklärung Tectofin RV plus 2,5 herunterladen.

Tectofin RV plus

Hier können Sie das Leistungserklärung Tectofin RV plus (EN 13967) herunterladen.

Waterproofing that works