"Tectofin RV excels through its long life time and is
tailored to the needs of the craftsmen."

Highest Quality

Tectofin RV characteristics

Tectofin RV membranes excel through their high temperature and weather resistance, furthermore they are ozone and UV stable and do not have any fire protection additives. This membrane is a bitumen and tear resistant membrane that stays flexible even when the temperatures drop, increasing its user friendliness. Tectofin RV is fabric backed with a high quality polyester fabric giving this membrane a higher stability against strains on the roof. There is a factory made, fabric free welding seem that increases the security whilst hot air welding the seems. Tectofin RV can be laid loosely under ballast or adhered with a special adhesive and also be used for construction waterproofing.

For roof and construction waterproofing

Approvals and classifications

Tectofin RV is approved und classified acc. to:

DIN EN 13956 CE-roof waterproofing
DIN V 20000-201 (roof waterproofing)
DIN V 20000-202 (construction waterproofing)
DIN 18531 (roof waterproofing)
DIN 18195 (construction waterproofing)
DIN EN 13501-1 (class E)
DIN 4102-7 (Harte Bedachung)
EN 13501-5 BROOF (t1)
ETA-09/0204 (mech. fixed roofing systems)
EPD ISO 14025 und ISO 21930

Tectofin RV

Ways to install

Bonded with a special adhesive (Teroson EF TK 400).

Loosely laid, ballasted.

For secure systems


The Tectofin product range is topped up by ready formed parts (corners, lightning rods, etc.) from the same material offering you a quick, easy and secure solution.

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Special for fabric backed membranes

Adhesion with Teroson EF TK 400

The membrane adhesive TK 400 was specially developed for the adhesion of fabric backed membranes. The adhesive can be used even on damp undergrounds without and preparation and with a minimum temperature of -5°C.

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References Tectofin RV

To prove the success of TECTOFINthere are many reference objects with millions of square meters worldwide. To see TECTFON references please follow the link:

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Downloads Tectofin RV

Tectofin RV

Here you can download the technical data sheet of Tectofin RV.


Here you can download the Tectofin - for reliable waterproofing brochure.

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