„TECTOFIN SK combines ease of installation and highest fire-protection properties - without flame retardants“

Self-adhesive roofing membrane with central inlay

TECTOFIN SK – direct installation on polystyrene insulation

TECTOFIN SK is equipped with a central glass fleece inlay and a fleece with a 200 g/m2 cold-bonding self-adhesive coating. The glass fleece inlay provides a low fire load. Therefore the membrane can be laid directly on a high-quality polystyrene insulation material (DAA dh and dm) without any flame retardants.

TECTOFIN SK can be fully bonded either as an exposed application or under ballast.  


TECTOFIN RV plus – direkte Verlegung auf EPS

Waterproofing of roofs and buildings

Approvals and classifications

TECTOFIN SK is approved and classified according to: 

EN 13956 CE-Waterproofing of roofs
DIN V 20000-201 (Waterproofing of roofs)
DIN 18531 (Waterproofing of roofs)
DIN EN 13501-1 (Class E)
DIN 4102-1 (B2)
EN ENV 1184 / EN 13501-5 ( BROOF(t1))
DIN 4102-7 (External fire)

Self-adhesive roofing membrane with central inlay

Application methods TECTOFIN SK

TECTOFIN SK, geklebter Schichtenaufbau

TECTOFIN SK, bonded layer build-up, EPS or laminated MF/PIR insulation bonded with Teroson EF TK 395 Insulation adhesive on WITEC Vapour Barrier AL-S


TECTOFIN SK, geklebter Schichtenaufbau

TECTOFIN SK, bonded layer build-up under ballast or green roof on EPS or laminated MF/PIR insulation bonded with Teroson EF TK 395 Insulation adhesive on WITEC Vapour Barrier AL-S.



Verklebung mit Teroson EF TK 400

WOLFIN Bautechnik has a long experience in the field of TECTOFIN membranes. To see TECTOFIN reference projects please follow the link:

> TECTOFIN References

System accessories

TECTOFIN System accessory

TECTOFIN Systemzubehör

The product range of TECTOFIN is completed by ready formed parts (corners, lightning rods, etc.) from the same material offering you a quick, easy and secure solution.

> To the System accessory



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