Best quality since 1962

Wolfin sets standards

The Wolfin membranes: Wolfin, Tectofin, Cosmofin and Inofin

In 1962, we pioneered the development of the Wolfin brand, the most bitumen-resistant and vapour-permeable synthetic roofing membrane. A new standard was set in 1993 with the cold self-adhesive reinforced synthetic roofing membrane Wolfin GWSK.

Tectofin, Cosmofin and Inofin membranes, high-quality system components, and adhesives from Henkel complete our product range.

Our aim is to offer our customers lasting and value-stable product solutions with a system.

Wolfin as a partner

Our self-image

At Wolfin Bautechnik, we work with pleasure and commitment for the success of our customers. For decades, we have therefore been a competent consultant and problem solver for our partners from the manual trades, specialist trade, industry and planning with intelligent product systems and services and with the financial solidity of the ICOPAL Group.

Wolfin guide

With the Wolfin guide, the industry bible, Wolfin Bautechnik is setting standards for more than one generation for innovative and intelligent flat roof and structural waterproofing. Would you like to order the guide? Then get in touch with us.

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Scientifically tested

Research for the construction of tomorrow

We regularly cooperate with leading scientific institutes. Long-term tests on the drying behaviour of moist roofing layers were carried out with the Fraunhofer Institute for Building Physics in Stuttgart and Holzkirchen.

Together with the Gesellschaft für Materialforschung und Prüfungsanstalt für das Bauwesen (MFPA) in Leipzig and the Technical University (TU) of Munich, the hygrothermal behaviour of inclined roofs made from wood was investigated in field studies.

Waterproofing that works