"WOLFIN’s roof and waterproofing membrane
insures the highest standards - even in the kitchen."


This kitchen rocks Hamburg

In 2010 an investor wanted to bridge this gap and the Hard Rock Café Hamburg opened its doors in 2011 in the best of locations: The historical building St.-Pauli-Landungsbrücke am Elbhafen, with 8 mio. visitors yearly it will always be a top hit in the touristic charts.

The hundred year old tuff-facade of the Landungsbrücken is landmarked. Unfortunately, the inner building had lost its functionality. In the northern part a space was made and completely refurbished for the needs of the Hard Rock Café with their sales area, kitchen and roof lodge.

This is where Wolfin came in and offered a professional and long term kitchen waterproofing.


This kitchen rocks Hamburg

Dierk Burmeister, Manager of the Carl Heitmann KG Bedachung und Klempnertechnik: "The kitchen waterproofing with Wolfin was a highlight for us. Not only a highlight with the end product but with the handeling of the materials too. Our future kitchen waterproofing-works will use this example as a standard." 

Dipl.-Ing. Mathias Walter, Manager of Customer Service at Wolfin Bautechnik: "Need a tip or two? The high strains of a kitchen waterproofing need correct planing and the know-how. Our technical support at Wolfin is more than happy to help you, either on the phone or on the construction site."

Dipl.-Ing. Helge Flöge, Area Sales Manager at Wolfin Bautechnik: "The Rock fans in Hamburg and Tourists can be assured that in the coming decades, there will be no problems at the Hard Rock Café due to the waterproofing."

Dipl.-Ing. Joachim Reinig, Plan-R-Architektenbüro: "Using a cheap option in the end costs more than doing it rigzht straight away. This also goes for waterproofing, not only is it hard to come to this layer later on, but repair or a refurbishment would increase the costs. This is not in the interest of architects and that's why they look for the best solution and not a cheap option."

Jan Scheidsteger, General Manager of the HRC Hamburger Rockcafe GmbH: "Our high demands in the gastronomy area are continued when choosing construction materials. The high performance of Wolfin-IB had persuaded and reasured us that we have a long term and secure solution whilst planing and building our kitchen."

Technical details


Object: Hard Rock Cafe Hamburg
Project: 120 m² Kitchen waterproofing
Constructor: HRC Hamburger Rockcafe GmbH (Hamburg)
Planing: Plan-R-Architektenbüro Joachim Reinig (Hamburg)
Development: Carl Heitmann Bedachung und Klempnertechnik
Products: 1,5 mm synthetic roof and waterproofing membrane Wolfin IB
300g/m² Witec Schutzvlies
WOLFIN Stainless steel-Composite sheets and Wolfin formed parts
Producer: Wolfin Bautechnik, Wächtersbach
Waterproofing that works