"1962 we developed an innovative membrane,
 today this membrane is 50 years old: Wolfin IB."

Wolfin history

The history of Wolfin Bautechnik

1962 Degussa AG receives an order from VEDAG to develop an innovative synthetic roofing and sealing membrane.
1963 Wolfin IB, the world’s first polymeric, breathable and bitumen-resistant synthetic roofing and sealing membrane, is introduced.
1992 Development of the Wolfin PYE composite system. Wolfin IB is bonded on a PYE polymer bitumen sheet in a sealing process to prevent underflow.
1993 Wolfin GWSK, the first full-surface cold self-adhesive synthetic roofing and sealing membrane, sets a new standard.
1995 Wolfin Bautechnik takes over the roofing business of DLW Bautechnik (Delifol brand)
1996 Wolfin Bautechnik takes over the roofing business of Benecke-Kaliko AG (Gekaplan brand)
1997 Cosmofin, the monomer-softened, fabric-reinforced PVC-P sheet, expands the Wolfin range.
2000 Wolfin M, the bitumen-resistant plastic roofing and sealing membrane reinforced in the centre with a glass grid, is launched on the market.
2001 Relocation of Wolfin Bautechnik from Hanau to Wächtersbach in the Main-Kinzig district.
2004 Tectofin RV, the nonwoven-laminated synthetic roofing membrane based on synthetic acrylic rubber, is launched on the German market.
2006 Wolfin GWSK protect, the Wolfin membrane with a protect finish for optimised fire protection, is presented.
2008 Tectofin GV, which combines durability and optimised fire protection, and Inofin FR, the roofing membrane made from flexible polyolefin (FPO), are launched on the market.
2011 Wolfin PV, the fleece-laminated high-polymer synthetic roofing membrane, ideal for use under solar systems, is presented.
WOLFIN Bautechnik becomes part of the ICOPAL Group.
2012 Wolfin celebrates 50th anniversary.
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