"1962 we developed an innovative membrane,
 today this membrane is 50 years old: WOLFIN IB."

WOLFIN Chronic

The history of WOLFIN Bautechnik

1962 The Degussa AG received the task to develop an innovative synthetic roof and waterproofing membrane from VEDAG.
1963 WOLFIN IB, the world's first polymeric, diffusion open and bitumen resistant roof and waterproofing membrane was presented.
1992 Development of the WOLFIN PYE-composite system. WOLFIN IB is torched to a polymeric-bitumen membrane resulting in a waterproof PYE-composite system.
1993 WOLFIN GWSK, the first fully self-adhesive synthetic roof and waterproofing membrane.
1995 WOLFIN Bautechnik took over the roofing business from DLW Bautechnik (Delifol).
1996 WOLFIN Bautechnik overtook the roofing business from Benecke-Kaliko AG (Gekaplan).
1997 COSMOFIN, the momomeric plasticized, mesh reinforced PVC-P-membrane expanded the WOLFIN product line.
2000 The bitumen resistant and known WOLFIN IB membrane recieved a glass fibre mesh for its stability, WOLFIN M was introduced to the market.
2001 WOLFIN Bautechnik moved from Hanau to W├Ąchtersbach in Main-Kinzig-Kreis.
2004 TECTOFIN RV, the fabric backed roofing membrane on basis of ASA was introduced to the German markets.
2006 WOLFIN GWSK protect, the WOLFIN-membrane with protect-layer was introduced for optimum fire protection.
2011 WOLFIN PV, was introduced for solar systems and WOLFIN Bautechnik became a part of the ICOPAL-Group.
2012 WOLFIN's 50th Birthday!
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