"Wolfin IB is also permitted for the waterproofing of
water tanks and rooms acc. ETA 10/0295."

Secure against underflow

Wolfin PYE composite system

In flat roofing Wolfin IB is loosely laid and ballasted. In construction waterproofing acc. to DIN 18195 we offer various possibilities to install our membrane, especially according to our PYE composite system which is secure against underflow.

The first layer, which is the waterproofing layer, bitumen resistant Wolfin IB is completely laid into the heated bitumen underlay. This PYE composite system can be used with or without insulation.

Ideal for special waterproofing

Waterproofing of LAU-facilities

Wolfin IB is resistat againt flux oils, mineral oils, lactic acids, kerosin, etc. Accordingly, Wolfin IB is commonly used  where the chemical radiation is high, due to its chemical resistance. This also includes the waterproofing of areas for industrial clients. Wolfin IB is ideal for special waterproofing projects.

When waterproofing acc. to §19 of the WHG, Wolfin IB is regularly used as it is approved for water areas acc. to ETA 10/0295 WHG. This includes e.g. water tanks.

Roof and construction waterproofing

Approvals and classifications

Wolfin IB is approved und classified acc. to:

DIN EN 13956 CE-roof waterproofing
DIN EN 13967 CE-construction waterproofing
DIN V 20000-201 (roof waterproofing)
DIN V 20000-202 (construction waterproofing)
DIN 18531 (roof waterproofing)
DIN 18195 (construction waterproofing)
ETA 10/0295 (WHG)
DIN EN 13501-1 (class E)

Wolfin IB

Ways to install

In new constructions you can lay Wolfin IB loosely, ballasted.

In construction waterproofing acc. to DIN 18195 the Wolfin PYE composite system offers maximum security.

In kitchen waterproofing, Wolfin IB is loosely laid.

For secure systems

Wolfin IB-Accessories

The product range of Wolfin IB is topped up by ready formed parts (corners, lightning rods, etc.) from the same material offering you a quick, easy and secure solution.

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Wolfin IB


To prove the success of Wolfin there are many reference objects with millions of square meters worldwide. To see Wolfin IB references please follow the link:

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Downloads Wolfin IB

Wolfin Waterproofing-Systems

Here you can download the Wolfin Waterproofing-Systems brochure.

Wolfin IB

Here you can download the technical data sheet of Wolfin IB.

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