Wolfin IB

Wolfin IB roofing and waterproofing membranes are bitumen resistant membranes that have been plasticized with polyester and are based on polyvinyl chloride (PVC-P-BV). They are produced by extrusion, consist of a single ply (not double-layered), are homogeneous throughout and available in a variety of thicknesses.


Building for the future

Todays modern research for tomorrows buildings – It all started with Haus 2 in Duisburg. Under the sharp eyes of the Fraunhofer-Institutes for microelectronic switches and systems in Duisburg and the Fraunhofer-Institutes for construction physics in Stuttgart and Holzkirchen…

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The art of safe roofing

When ambitioned architects think beyond the deprecation period and when insureance professionals think about assets and investment protection - they do not save at the wrong end...

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This kitchen rocks

The “Hard Rock Cafés” are a symbol status. All over the world you can find the legendary US-entertainment gastronomy with great success stories to tell. Out of all the places, Hamburg, where the Beatles wrote rock history, was not covered with a Hard Rock Café. In 2010 a investor wanted to cover this missing spot …

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Waterproofing that works