"Wolfin is the most permeable to water vapour diffusion 
roofing and waterproofing membrane on the markets."

No seperation layer necessary

Unique bitumen resistance

The bitumen resistance of Wolfin in the roofing and waterproofing industry is unique. Independent research laboratories have tested and proven that the bitumen resistance of Wolfin exceeds the requirements of the respective norms. Wolfin does not show any changes such as material loss or bubbles, thus there is no need for a seperation layer between Wolfin and bitumen membranes. Flux oils, asphalt and bitumen particles that occur during road renewals do not affect our membranes.

Highest water vapour diffusion permeability

Dries out moisturized roof structures

Wolfin offers the hightes water vapour diffusion permeability of synthetic roofing and waterproofing membranes on the market. It is the only membrane with a μ-value of only 13.000, which corresponds to an sd-value of 19m at a thickness of 1,5mm. Due to the special composition of the black Wolfin membranes, the roof layers rapidely heat up under the influence of solar radiation (max. 70°C). This causes a high vapour pressure that gradually dries out the trapped moisture. The effectiveness of this physical process has been confirmed by recent scientific test results provided by the Frauenhofer-Institute in Holkirchen/Germany.

Free of monomeric plastisizers

Same composition throughout without enhancment additives

Wolfin-membranes are single layered, homogeneous, high polymeric roof and waterproofing membranes acc. to DIN EN 13956 and DIN EN 13967. They do not have any monomeric plastisizers, and the amount of polymeric particels in more than 94%. 

Wolfin-membranes have had the same composition for decades. Through the same high quality composition, strict controls and best quality raw materials there is no need for us to use enhancement additives in the varios seasons (summer/winter). Furthermore, they do not have any additives that can be lost with the period of time, such as extra fire prevention.

Wolfin - The membrane with the high quality recipe

Approved through long term tests

Resistant against micro-bacteria and roots

In dirt, ballast and puddels micro-bacteria grows. Wolfin special compositian is resistant againt this and there is no need for further precautions against micro-bacteria. Mechanically fixed or loosely laid, ballasted, there is only one Wolfin composition. Acids and further components do not affect our membrane.

Wolfin has been tested acc. to the hardest FFL criteria over many years and has succesfully passed the tests against root penetration. Practically we have evidence that our Wolfin membrane have been root resistant for more than 50 years.

Wolfin - Root resistant

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