Wolfin M

Wolfin M is a bitumen-resistant, thermoplastic roofing membrane with an integral glass fibre reinforcement. It features a high permeability to water vapour diffusion (13,000 μ) and is therefore ideally suited for the renovation of old and the construction of new buildings. Wolfin M membranes are available in a variety of thicknesses and can be either mechanically secured or laid loosely under ballast. Wolfin M is permeable to flux oil, fatty acid and kerosene.

Waterproofing for high-flyers

In Garmisch-Partenkirchen, sport history was written. Even before the winter olympics in 1936 ski-athletes had tried to compete against gravity and fly high. The winter olympics made this ski-stadion world wide known. But the real fame came from the 4-slope tornement on new years eve...

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Divinely considered

"The Lord's Rollercoaster" is the nickname given to the church at Sendlinger Tor by the astonished peple of Munich as the church breaks with the traditional sacral building techniques. Architect Gustav Gsaenger used the dynamic lifestyle of the 50's. The protestant church St. Matthäus...

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Waterproofing that works