"The Wolfin PYE-Composite system offers the highest security
standards in roof and construction waterproofing."

The Wolfin-PYE-Composite system

With the highest security standards

Together with out technicians we developed the Wolfin-PYE-Composite system in order to reduce the problem with underflow and further risks. We offer you the highest security standards in building construction. The following refers to joining Wolfin IB with a polymer-bitumen membrane through the so called torching method.

If the installation is professionally made it can hold an underflow of up to 1 Bar pressure. Through the combination of waterproofing, mechanical ruptures on the direct waterproofing layer do not affect the system and it holds tight. Wolfin roof and waterproofing membranes are ressistant to roots and other materials it may come into contact with such as engine oil on park decks.

An intensive installation manual can be ordered from the office Wächtersbach.

Secure against underflow

Installation possibilities

When waterproofing surfaces without a previous installed layer of thermal insulation, the bare concrete floor is first pretreated with a cold bitumen primer. After that, a PYE polymer bitumen membrane is torched over the full surface area. The top layer consists of a bitumen resistant Wolfin roof and waterproofing membrane with a thickness of 2mm. This layer should be layed/rolled out on a fully torched bitumen underlay. Both layers are now joined and cannot be separated, creating a secure seal against underflow. If there is a usage or protective layer of mastic asphalt on the concrete this should be firstly handeled with a solventless epoxid barrier coating according to DIN 18195. In this case you do not need a primed underlay.

Installation with foam glass insulation

When installing the waterproofing on a foam glass insulation the following needs to be followed: Firstly the bitumen covered insulation board needs to be coated with a hot bitumen paint. On top of this, a first waterproofing layer with a Polymer-bitumen membrane PYE-PV-250-S5 needs to be torched. For the final waterproofing layer, the same method as shown on the left should be used, with a Wolfin roof and waterproofing membrane.

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