Wolfin Membranes

Wolfin synthetic roofing and waterproofing membranes are unique with their innovative composition and characteristics. Our membranes offer planners, architects, constructors and technicians various possibilities for professional waterproofing of roofs and buildings. 


Wolfin membranes have been used for more than 50 years on all continents, for roof refurbishment as well as ...

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Wolfin M

Wolfin M is a bitumen resistant synthetic roofing membrane, reinforced with a glass grid…

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Wolfin GWSK

Wolfin GWSK roofing memrbanes consist of the same materials as Wolfin IB. In addition …

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Wolfin IB

Wolfin IB roofing membrane is a polyester plasticized, bitumen resistant membrane…

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Wolfin GWSK DA

Wolfin GWSK DA roofing membranes optimize a refurbishment even in case of bonded roof build-up …

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Wolfin PBS

Wolfin PBS

Wolfin PBS revolutionizes the Wolfin PYE-composite system for a infiltration-proof waterproofing...

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